Airship pirate

Inserted in the official program of the Venice Carnival 2017 2018 2019, Mestre Carnival Street Show, Spoleto a Colori 2017, Le Fiere del Teatro Sarmede 2017, Recanati Color Festival 2017, Magie al Borgo Festival 2018, Land of Toys Rive D'Arcano 2018 2019, Festival Imagine and Wonderland 2018, Scerne Buskers Festival 2018, Colle Umberto International Festival 2018, Salento Bike Fest 2019 , Senza_Fili Festival Collodi 2019

Mechanical problems and poor petrol will not stop Yuri Dimitri Foma, an undeterred adventurer who

is trying to return to Latakia, and he will succeed!

Genre: roadshow or surreal show (English, French or Italian) of air, soap bubbles and explosions!


Full show (English French or Italian):