bolle girovaghe

My grandfather's grandfather was riding the streets with this bike to sell soap.

My grandfather used to walk around the squares and so did my father.

I sell what little is left of then: dreams and soap bubbles.

Genre: speakless roadshow with many short show during the walk around

Born for the Official Venice Carnival 2014 (Mestre Carnival Street Show 2018, 2019) but already requested by the Buskers Festival of Schio Dec 2013 and Christmas Babybuskers of Arzignano 2013, Alba 50th birthday Nutella 2014, 15th International Puppet and Puppet Festival of Colle Umberto 2015, Festival Scarpe Rosse 2015, Festival Belluno Balocchi 2015, Festival Cocomero Bergamo 2015, Festival Godega 2015, Festival Festonika 2015, SalusErbe 2016, Festival Sala Istrana 2016, Festival Borgomatto 2016, Barbatengheri Festival 2016, Sand Nativity Jesolo 2017, Idro Buskers Festival 2017 , Latte in Festa Val di Non 2018, Scerne Buskers Festival 2018, Salento Bike Fest 2019


Video TVA 30":